Gia (Sonam Kapoor) is a successful police officer who is blinded in an accident. She returns to work after months of rehabilitation, but she is no longer the same person. She is more vulnerable and reliant on others today, and she is coping with the psychological pain of her blindness.

Genre - Action/Thriller

Release - 7 July 2023

Director - Shome makija

Producer - Sujoy Ghosh

Runtime - 2h 2 mint




Sonam Kapoor

lalite Dubey

Vinay pathak

Purab kohli

Shubham Saraf

Lucy Arrden


Blind is a remake of the same-named South Korean film from 2011. Sujoy Ghosh produces and directs the film, which is directed by Shome Makhija. Purab Kohli, Vinay Pathak, and Lillete Dubey also appear in the film.
The film was released on JioCinema on July 7, 2023. It was well welcomed by critics, who applauded Kapoor's acting and Makhija's directing.

Gia sees a terrible murder one day but is unable to identify the perpetrator. She is determined to solve the case, but she is up against it. The assassin is a smart and vicious guy who will go to any length to disguise their traces.
Gia puts herself in jeopardy as she comes closer to the truth. The killer pursues her, and she is forced to confront her own anxieties. 

Blind features an outstanding performance by Sonam Kapoor. She is vulnerable as well as fierce, and she adds a genuine feeling of humanity to the part." - Hindustan Times
"Shome Makhija leads Blind with finesse. He crafts a thrilling and atmospheric thriller in which Kapoor shines." - The Hindustan Times

"Blind is a moving and powerful film." Fans of criminal thrillers and Sonam Kapoor should see it." - Movie Companion

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