Farhana is a middle-class woman who works at a call centre to provide for her family. The job provides her with financial independence, but it also leads her into a web of peril. A unknown caller who knows her personal information is stalking her. If she does not comply, the caller threatens to reveal her secrets.

Genre - Drama/Thriller

Release - 12 May 2023

Director - Nelson Venkateson

Producer - S.R Prabhu

Runtime - 2h 20mint




Aishwarya rajesh

Aishwarya Dutta



Jithan Ramesh




Farhana is initially terrified, but she quickly realises she is not alone. The stalker has reportedly targeted other ladies who work at the contact centre. They resolve to team up to stop him.
The women track down and face the stalker. He is discovered to be a former centre employee who was terminated for sexual harassment. He has been apprehended, and the women are safe.
Farhana discovers that she is stronger than she believed. She also discovers that she can count on her friends and family for help. Farhana and her friends celebrate their win over the stalker at the end of the film.

Empowerment of women
The Influence of Friendship
The value of speaking out against injustice
The risks of cyberstalking
The film has received critical acclaim for its strong female protagonists and relevant message regarding online safety. It's also been chastised for its violence and grim tone.
Farhana is a well-made, suspenseful film with an important message. It is a must-see for Tamil film aficionados and anyone interested in the topic of online stalking.

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