Indiana Jones And The Dial of Destiny  It is the year 1969. Indiana Jones is a retired archaeology professor from Hunter College. He lives a peaceful life in New York City, but his past is going to catch up with him.
Jones is visited one day by his goddaughter, archaeology student Helena Shaw. Jones learns that her father, Basil Shaw, was a colleague of Jones's during WWII. Shaw was fascinated with locating the Dial of Destiny, a mystical artefact. The Dial is reported to be capable of controlling time, and Shaw believed it could be used to alter history.

Genre - ACtion/Adventure

Release - 30 June 2023

Director - James Mangold

Budget - $250-295 Million

Box office - $24.4 million

Film Serires - Indiana Jones

Production Company - Walt Disney 

Runtime - 2h 22mint




Harrison Ford

Mad Mikelson

Antonio Banderas

Boyd Holbrook

Phoebe Waller


Shaw was never able to locate the Dial, but he did recover one half of it. Helena shows Jones half of the dial and informs him that the other half is in the hands of a bunch of Nazis. The Nazis intend to utilise the Dial to take over the globe, and Jones must stop them.

Jones and Helena journey to Europe in search of the other half of the Dial. They follow the Nazis to a castle in Germany, where they meet the Nazi chief, Jurgen Voller. Voller is a bright scientist who is hell-bent on using the Dial for his own wicked ends.

ones and Helena race against time to prevent the Nazis from changing history. They face danger at every turn, but they never give up. In the end, they are successful in stopping the Nazis, and they ensure that the Dial of Destiny is never used for evil. The Dial of Destiny is a powerful artefact created by Archimedes, a Greek mathematician and engineer.

The Nazis want the Dial because they believe it can be used to win World War II. They intend to travel back in time with the Dial and assassinate Hitler.

Jones and Helena must use the Dial to go back in time and prevent the Nazis from discovering it. They must also avoid altering history in any way.
Jones and Helena will have spared the planet from a horrific catastrophe if they succeed. They will have also demonstrated that even the most potent artefacts may be utilised for good.

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