Aneesh Upasana's 2023 Malayalam-language drama film Janaki Jaane stars Navya Nair and Saiju Kurup. Janaki, a young woman with agoraphobia (a dread of open areas), is the protagonist of the film. Janaki's dread makes it impossible for her to live a regular life, and if she goes out, she is frequently accompanied by her mother or a friend.

Genre - Drama/Romance

Release - 12 May 2023

Director - Aneesh Upasana

Runtime - 2h 2mint




Navya Nair

Saiju Kurup

Sharaf U Dheen

Johny Antony

Sminu Sijo


Janaki encounters Unni Mukundan one day, a subcontractor who assists her when she suffers an anxiety episode. Unni falls in love with Janaki and eventually marries her. Their marriage, however, is not without difficulties, as Janaki's dread continues to impair their lives.

Janaki is caught up in a political scandal one day, and she is falsely accused of being involved in a murder, forcing her to flee. During her time on the run, Janaki is forced to confront her fears and overcome her agoraphobia. With the help of her husband and friends, Janaki is eventually able to clear her name and prove her innocence. She also learns to live with her fear, and she is able to resume living a normal life.

Janaki Jaane is a thoughtful and well-made film that depicts agoraphobia realistically. Navya Nair delivers a strong performance, and Saiju Kurup is terrific as her loving husband. The film is moving and uplifting, and it will linger with you long after you've seen it." - The Hindustan Times

"For anyone who has ever struggled with fear, Janaki Jaane is a must-see film." The picture is well crafted, and the ensemble delivers outstanding performances. Janaki Jaane is a touching and motivating film that will leave you feeling uplifted." - Hindustan Times
"Janaki Jaane is a moving and powerful film that will stay with you long after you've seen it." Anyone who has ever suffered with fear should view this film.

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