Kandahar is a thriller film about an undercover CIA man named Tom Harris (Gerard Butler) who becomes trapped in hostile territory in Afghanistan after his mission is discovered. He must fight his way out to an extraction point in Kandahar, accompanied by his Afghan translator, Mo (Navid Negahban), all while avoiding elite enemy soldiers and foreign spies tasked with tracking them down.

Genre - Action/Adventure

Release - 26 May 2023

Director - Ric Roman Wough

Budget - $20 Million

Box office - $7 Million

Runtime - 2h




Geraad Butler

Travis Fimmel

Ali Fazal

Elnaaz Norouzi

Tom Ryes Harris

Navid Negahban


The film begins with Tom Harris successfully completing a mission to implant malware into an Iranian nuclear research site. However, his cover is shattered when a British journalist in Iran obtains evidence of CIA sabotage of Iran's nuclear programmes. Tom is compelled to depart Iran and travel to London.
Tom is contacted by his CIA handler, Roman Chalmers (Jamie Dornan), while in Dubai. Tom is offered a lucrative job to work in Herat, Afghanistan by Roman. Tom accepts the job because it will pay for his daughter's college bills.

When Tom arrives in Herat, he is instantly confronted with peril. In self-defense, he is attacked by a bunch of men and is forced to kill one of them. Tom then flees, accompanied by Mo, his Afghan interpreter.
The two guys travel across Afghanistan, encountering danger at every turn. They are being hunted by hostile forces, foreign agents, and possibly the Taliban. Tom and Mo form a close bond along the road, and Tom begins to see the world through Mo's eyes.

Tom and Mo eventually make it to Kandahar, where they are allowed to extract. The film concludes with Tom, a changed man, returning to his family in London.
Kandahar is a thrilling and suspenseful thriller that provides a fresh viewpoint on Afghanistan's war. Butler and Negahban deliver outstanding performances in this gorgeously photographed picture. Kandahar is a must-see for action thriller enthusiasts and anyone interested in knowing more about the Afghan conflict.

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