Knights of The Zodiac : Seiya is a street orphan looking for his stolen sister Patricia. Seiya unleashes a mysterious blue light during a fight with Cassios in a fighting ring. He meets with Docrates and Alman Kido after the fight. Kido informs Seiya that his ex-wife Vander Guraad is on the hunt for him. Guraad's warriors apprehend Docrates and follow Seiya and Kido, who meet up with Kido's assistant, Mylock. Seiya, Mylock, and Kido flee from the warriors after a brief chase. Seiya begs to know what is going on, but Mylock knocks her unconscious.

Genre - Action/Sci-fi/Thriller

Release - 28 April 2023 (Japan)

Director - Tomasz Baginsgiz

Budget - $35 Million

Box office - $6.8 Million

Runtime - 1h 52mint




Madison Iseman

Diego Tinoco

Famke Janseen

Sean Bean

Mark Dacascos


While asleep, Seiya recalls his sister's kidnapping and is subsequently transported to Kido's lair. Kido informs Seiya that his adoptive daughter Sienna is the reincarnation of the goddess Athena, and Seiya is the reincarnation of the goddess Athena. 
Patricia was aware of Seiya's fate and offered herself up to Guraad to protect him. Kido advises Seiya to train with Marin the Silver Knight so that he can use his Cosmo to protect himself and Sienna, as well as to locate Patricia. Sienna briefly loses control of her Cosmo while eating breakfast with Seiya, but Kido is able to calm her down.

Marin begins Seiya's training, and he rapidly learns to manage his Cosmo. He also learns about the other Zodiac Knights, who are all meant to guard Athena. Seiya eventually challenges Cassios to a rematch, which he wins with his Cosmo. Seiya then goes in search of Patricia, finally tracking her down to Guraad's fortress.

Seiya returns to Kido's refuge now that Patricia is safe. He discovers that Guraad is not yet finished, and that he intends to attack Athena's temple. Seiya and the other Zodiac Knights set out to stop Guraad, and they eventually beat him in battle. Athena is safe now that Guraad has been slain, and Seiya has completed his destiny as the Pegasus Knight.

There are several other characters in the film, including:
Vander Guraad: Seiya's biological mother and the film's main antagonist. She is a powerful witch bent on destroying Athena and taking over the world.
Sienna: The goddess Athena's reincarnation. She is a sweet and gentle young lady, yet she also wields immense strength.
Kido's assistant and excellent combatant, Mylock. She is devoted to Kido and the Knights of the Zodiac, and she is always eager to assist them in their fights.
Marin: Seiya's mentor and a Silver Knight. She is a rigorous and demanding teacher, yet she genuinely cares about Seiya and wishes him well.

Cassios: Seiya's friend and rival. He's a superb fighter, but he's also cocky and self-assured.
The fantasy action film Knights of the Zodiac is based on the popular manga series Saint Seiya. Tomek Baginski directed the film, which stars Mackenyu, Sean Bean, and Famke Janssen. In 2023, it was released in theatres.

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