Lakadbagha It is the year 2023. A young man named Lakadbagha is striving to make ends meet in a rural town in India. He works as a day labourer and can barely feed himself and his family. Lakadbagha encounters a mystery man one day who offers him the chance to transform his life. The stranger offers to train Lakadbagha to become a professional wrestler. Lakadbagha is initially apprehensive, but eventually agrees to the stranger's proposition.

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 13 January 2023

Director - Victor Mukharjee

Runtime - 2h 9mint




Ridhhi Dogra

Anshuman Jha

Eksha Kurang

Paresh Pahuja

Denzil Smith


For months, the stranger trains Lakadbagha, and Lakadbagha swiftly becomes a good wrestler. He enters and wins his first competition, defeating a much more experienced opponent. Lakadbagha's triumph establishes him as a local star, and he quickly attracts the interest of professional wrestling producers.

Lakadbagha receives an offer to wrestle in the United States. He is hesitant to leave his family and friends, but he recognises that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Lakadbagha relocates to the United States to pursue a career as a professional wrestler.
Lakadbagha soon rises to prominence in the United States. He is well-known for his daring movements and never-say-die mentality. Lakadbagha wins championships and rises to prominence as one of the world's most popular wrestlers.
Lakadbagha, despite his prosperity, never forgets his roots. He uses his platform to bring attention to India's poverty and inequality. He also contributes money to the construction of schools and hospitals in his village.

Millions of people around the world look up to Akadbagha. He serves as a reminder that everyone, regardless of background, may achieve their goals. 
Lakadbagha's family is impoverished. His father is a farmer, and his mother is a stay-at-home mom. They have five kids and reside in a modest mud cabin.
Lakadbagha is a young man with great potential. He wants to be a professional wrestler, but he understands it will be difficult.
Lakadbagha's trainer used to be a professional wrestler. Lakadbagha's inherent talent impresses him, and he agrees to train him for free.

The inaugural competition at Lakadbagha is a tiny local event. He wins the competition, but he receives no monetary compensation.
A professional wrestling promoter takes notice of Lakadbagha's success in the local tournament. Lakadbagha is offered a contract to wrestle in the United States by the promoter.
The relocation of Lakadbagha to the United States is challenging. He misses his family and friends and is having difficulty adjusting to a new culture.

Lakadbagha's rise to prominence as a professional wrestler has been meteoric. He wins championships and rises to become one of the world's most popular wrestlers.
Lakadbagha utilises his professional wrestling platform to raise awareness about poverty and inequality in India. He also contributes money to the construction of schools and hospitals in his village.
Lakadbagha inspires millions of peop

le all over the world. He serves as a reminder that dreams can come from anywhere.

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