Nagpur is coping with the issues of a COVID-19 shutdown in 2023, forcing its inhabitants into seclusion. However, in the middle of the isolation, an underground music movement emerges, leading to the foundation of the band Minus 31. This gang of bright teenage musicians soon rises to stardom, but their path is marred by tragedy. The assassination of one of their own, Akash, sets in motion a chain of events that reveals a sinister plot that threatens not only their lives but the entire planet.

Genre - Drama/Thriller/Crime

Release - 21 July 

Director - Pratik Moitro

Runtime - 2h 14mint




Rucha Inamdar

Nisha dhar

Raghubir yadav

rajesh Sharma



Rucha Inamdar, Raghubir Yadav, Kaam Bhaari, Rajesh Sharma, Shivankit Parihar, Santosh Juvekar, Nisha Dhar, and Jaya Bhattacharya play the impassioned members of Minus 31, a band that becomes an instant sensation in the midst of the pandemic lockdown. In difficult times, their music acts as a light of hope and connection, bringing people together in unexpected ways.

The Shocking Murder and Cryptic Message: The band's exhilaration is shattered when one of its members, Akash, is murdered. The police are baffled by the lack of evidence, save for a strange message left at the crime scene. "Minus 31 days to the end of the world," the foreboding words, send shivers down their spines, hinting at something far more evil than a simple crime.

Untangling the Mysteries:

The remaining band members, determined to obtain justice for their slain comrade, embark on a treacherous trip to understand the enigmatic message. As they explore deeper into the riddle, they learn that the message is more than simply a warning; it is a prophecy of horrific events that will take place in 31 days. The fate of the entire world is now in their hands.

Themes Investigated:
The effect of Music: Minus 31 delves on music's transformative effect, how it brings people together, and how it provides solace in the darkest of times. The band's music becomes a driving force that encourages optimism and resilience, having a significant social impact.

The perils of Conspiracy Theories: The film emphasises the perils of misinformation and conspiracy theories in manipulating minds and leading to tragic outcomes. The band becomes embroiled in a web of perilous ideologies that endangers not only their lives but also the fabric of society.
The Importance of relationship: As the band encounters unprecedented hardships, their relationship serves as an anchor. They recognise that their solidarity and support for one another are critical to conquering the challenges they face.

The Fight Against Evil: Minus 31 races against the clock to avert the looming disaster and expose the nefarious forces behind the plan. Their quest of justice and truth reflects the battle against evil in order to save the world from imminent calamity.

Conclusion: Minus 31, directed by Pratik Moitro and written by Charulata Maitra, promises to be a compelling and emotional rollercoaster that merges music, mystery, and spectacular action. With its superb ensemble cast, the film portrays a story of resilience, strength, and determination in the face of a world-threatening conspiracy. As time runs out, Minus 31 meets the darkness head-on, demonstrating that the power of music and steadfast friendship can be the key to changing the course of destiny. The film will be released in theatres on July 21, 2023, and is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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