Anu Menon's Neeyat (2023) is a Hindi-language mystery film starring Vidya Balan. Mira Rao, a CBI officer, investigates the inexplicable murder of exiled billionaire Ashish Kapoor in the film. Kapoor has gathered his closest friends to a lavish Scottish castle to celebrate his birthday, but the festivities are cut short by a murder. Rao must use her intellect to decipher the nefarious intentions of Kapoor's friends and family, each of whom has a reason to wish him dead.

Genre - Drama/Thriller

Release - 7 July 2023

Director - Anu Menon  

Producer - Vikram Malhotra

Runtime - 2h 10mint




Vidya Balan

Prajakta Koli

Ram kapoor

Rahul Bose

Shahana Goswami


The film begins with Kapoor and his executive assistant, Kay Patel, arriving to the palace. His friends and family meet him, including his best buddy Sanjay Suri and his tarot card reader Zara. Tanveer, the castle manager, is also present.

The group celebrates Kapoor's birthday, but the festivities are cut short when CBI inspector Mira Rao arrives. Rao arrives to arrest Kapoor on suspicion of fraud, but he refuses to cooperate. Kapoor is discovered dead in his room later that night.

Rao begins her inquiry, and she quickly learns that everyone at the palace had a reason to want Kapoor dead. Sanjay was enraged that Kapoor had kidnapped his wife, Noor. Lisa envied Kapoor's new girlfriend. Kapoor owed Jimmy a large sum of money. Ryan was a drug addict, and Kapoor had threatened to disconnect him. Zara had also been blackmailing Kapoor.

Rao discovers additional truths about Kapoor's past as she investigates deeper.
She discovers that he was involved in a variety of shady transactions and had created many enemies. She also discovers that he had a reason for inviting everyone to the castle.

Rao is eventually able to solve the puzzle and identify the murderer. The film, however, concludes with a surprise, as it is discovered that there was another reason for the murder.
Neeyat is a well-crafted mystery film with an impressive ensemble. Vidya Balan is outstanding as Mira Rao, delivering a nuanced performance that reflects the character's intelligence and tenacity. The supporting cast is very strong, and the plot is full of surprises and suspense.

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