Oppenheimer, a brilliant physicist who was instrumental in developing the first nuclear bombs as part of the Manhattan Project, is the subject of the film Oppenheimer. The film begins with Oppenheimer's days as a student in Europe, when he suffers with mathematics in the eyes of his professor, which adds to his uneasiness. Oppenheimer returns to the United States after earning his Ph.D. in physics in Germany, motivated by a lack of quantum physics research. He begins teaching at the University of California, Berkeley, while also working at Caltech.

Genre - Action/War

Release - 21 July 2023

Director - Christopher Nolan

Budget - 10 Crore USD

Production Company - Universal Pictures

Runtime - 3h 6mint





General Leslie Groves hires Oppenheimer to lead the Manhattan Project, the top-secret US programme to manufacture nuclear weapons in Los Alamos, New Mexico, in 1942. 
Oppenheimer assembles a team of the world's top scientists and they race against the clock to produce a bomb that would end World War Two.

The film follows Oppenheimer as he struggles with the moral ramifications of his profession. He is plagued by the fact that the bomb he constructed has the potential to murder millions of people.

 Oppenheimer becomes a strong opponent of nuclear proliferation after the war. He testifies before Congress regarding his role in the Manhattan Project, and his security clearance is finally revoked.
The film concludes with Oppenheimer musing on the atomic bomb's legacy. He is aware that his work has irreversibly altered the world, and he is both hopeful and afraid of what the future holds.

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