"Raangi" is an absorbing action thriller centred on Thaiyal Nayagi (Trisha Krishnan), a dedicated news reporter investigating a fraudulent Facebook account spreading disinformation and hate speech using her niece's identity. Thaiyal meets Aalim (Bekzod Abdumalikov), a competent Libyan hacker investigating online predators, as she goes deeper into the case.

Genre - Drama/Thriller

Relase - 30 December 2022

Director - M. Saravanan

Written By - A.R Murruguddas

Runtime - 2h 1mint




Trisha krishnana

Anaswara rajan

Lizzi Antony

Waqur Khan

John mahendran


Thaiyal and Aalim join together to unearth a serious international criminal organisation responsible for the bogus account. Their search of the truth puts them in greater danger, as the organisation will go to any length to protect its secrets.

Throughout the arduous trek, they uncover that the account was part of a strategy to target and radicalise young people into joining terrorist organisations. Thaiyal and Aalim risk everything to expose and bring the criminal organisation to prison, vowing to fight online hate and extremism.

"Raangi" is a captivating story, with Trisha Krishnan as Thaiyal providing a powerful performance that is effectively complimented by Bekzod Abdumalikov as Aalim. The topical message about the perils of online radicalization resonates, and the film is a well-crafted action thriller with a strong female lead.
Unravelling the Conspiracy: Despite facing imminent death, Thaiyal and Aalim refuse to give up.

 Through their unwavering pursuit of justice, they progressively reveal the organization's terrible techniques used to radicalise young people via the false Facebook account. Their journey becomes a race against time to save more innocent lives from fanaticism.

Thaiyal and Aalim stand tall as beacons of hope as the tension rises and danger lurks around every turn. Their bravery and steadfast commitment inspire others to join them in combating online hate and radicalisation.


 "Unravelling Extremism" is a riveting drama that delves into the dark side of the internet and the perils of online radicalization. Thaiyal Nayagi is played powerfully by Trisha Krishnan, and Aalim is played with depth by Bekzod Abdumalikov. In the internet era, the video provides a contemporary and powerful message about the significance of resisting extremism and standing up to hate.

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