Rocky Aur Rani ki Prem kahani Weaves a delightful tale of doughter ,directed by the visionary karan Johar and Brought lied by the legendry dhrarma Production and vision18 This romantuc steals come by to promise steal worldwide people .

Genre - Romance/Drama

Release - 28 July 2023

Directed - karan johar

Budget - 160 crore INR

Runtime - 2h 49mint




Alia Bhatt

Ranveer Singh


Anjli Anand

Preity Zinda 

Shabana Azmi


Meet rocky (Ranveer Singh) Charteristic and carefree punjabi led free a zest for life . His infectius energy lights up every room he enters On the other hand we have rani ( Alia Bhatt) an Intelligent And driven Bengali Journlist .who aspire make a diffrence in the world through her words . Fate with the whimsicals twist,Bring these thwo indivisuals from contrasting background togesther .

As they cross paths,sparks between fly blossoms between rocky and rani,however there love faces an uphill battle as there disapprove of there releatonship due to there cultural diffrence determind to bridge the gap and and earn there family blessing Rocky And rani devise there daring plan and make fun of there life.

They decide to embark on a Unique journey live with each other family with three months This rollercoster strive sets the stage for endless loughter Heratwarming moments and lettres theat redifine the stat of family bonds > As rocky embraces the bengali traditions and Emmerse her himself in punjabi costoms the couple learnn the beneth the the surface, they show more simmilarties than diffrences .

yet their path is not without hurdles the encounter challenges that test their love without forcing them confront their beliefs and fears but with every obstacle they grow stronger together proving that love came overcome any devide.

Amigts loughter teares and unforgettable memories , Rocky and rani find exceptence between each other families . unveling true power of love in trancending boundries The film captures essence of  india modernity and while cherising the timeless boundries with values that bind family together .

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