Takkar, a Tamil-language romantic action film (internationally released as The Bang):
Gunashekhar alias "Guns" is a cheerful young man who aspires to be a millionaire. He meets Lucky, a wealthy woman who believes that money is the foundation of all evil. While on a road journey, Guns and Lucky become entangled in a network of human trafficking and unforeseen turns that change their lives.

Genre - Action/Romance

Release - 9 June 2023

Director - karthik.G .Krish

Written By - Shriniwas kavinyanam 

Runtime - 2h 10mint 




Divyansha kaushik



Abhimanyu Singh

Yogi Babu


Guns is a street racer who aspires to be a millionaire. He is a risk-taking, impulsive young man who is always looking for new methods to generate money. Lucky is a wealthy young lady who is sick of her affluent lifestyle. She believes that money is the root of all world issues.

When Guns is racing his car and Lucky is driving by, the two of them meet. Lucky is impressed with Guns' driving abilities, and the two begin dating. Their relationship is tricky, though, because they have extremely different perspectives on money.
On a road trip one day, Guns and Lucky are kidnapped by a group of human traffickers. They are forced to transport a truck full of illegal immigrants across the border by the traffickers. Guns and Lucky escape, but they are now wanted by the cops.

They go on the run in order to clear their names. They learn more about each other and their distinct perspectives on money along the road. 
Guns and Lucky are eventually able to clear their reputations and have a happy ending. They realise that money isn't everything in life and that true happiness comes from love and understanding.

Takkar was released on June 9, 2023, to mixed-to-negative reviews from critics. It was, however, a commercial failure, grossing only 10 crore (US$1.3 million) at the film office.

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