Gadar 2 is the sequal highly succesful 2001 film "Gadar ek Prem Katha" this installment continues to the narrative against the backdrop of the indo-pak war 1971 . focusing of the determine journey of the tara singh(Sunny Deol) to retrive his son.Charanjeet who has captured by the pakistani war.

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 11 August 2023

Director - Anil Sharma

Budget - 75-80 Crore INR

Producer - Anil Sharma

Distributed by - Zee Studios

Runtime - 2h 44mint




Sunny Deol

Ameesha Patel 

Utkarsh Sharma

Simrat Kaur 

Manish Wadhwa

Luv Sinha


The story Commensec with tara Singh and his wife Sakina.leading a content life in india becaouse of war 1947.their tranquality is short lived when .focusing on the determine journey of Tara Singh to Retrive his Son.Charanjeet Who has been captured by the Pakistani Soldiers.

The Story commence with tara Singh and His Wife Sakina Leading a content life in India post of the partition in 1947 . Yet their tranqullity short when lived when charanjeet is abducted by the pakistani soldiers during the wartime turoil voiwing to reunit with his son anyone Tara Singh Embarks on a daring missions that necessinates crossing into hostaile terriratery .

Tara Singh now age and rezilent , must Employee his resoucefulness to navigate the challenges of Pakistan while retriving to rescue charanjeet Despite enduring captivity. tortue and prejudic of the pakistani people , who view his as an indian outsider. Tara Singh unvawring resolve persists .

Over Time tara Singh efforts , culmignate in a poignant reunion with charanjeet , who has grown into a young man. However the passing of sakina of the interviewving years caste and shadow over their long awaited reunion . 

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