Dream Girl 2 is delightful bollywood comedy film Directed by Raaj Sandhiyaa and Produced By Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor Serving as a sequel to the Dream girl . The film boats and assemble featuring cast of Ayushman Khurana.

Genre - Comedy/romance

Release - 25 August 2023

Director - Raaj Sandilyaa

Producer - Ekta kapoor

Budget - 35 Crore INR

Runtime - 2h 23mint




Ayushman Khurana

Ananya Pandey

Paresh Rawal

Vijay Raaz


Rajpal Yadav


The story unvields a force who Mathura Introducing a Man Karamveer Portyad By ayushman Khurana .an Ordinary middle class man and day a Jagrata Performer By night.Karam posseses a unique Tealent for flawlwssely Impersonating a female voice . which plays a Pivotal Role in the narrative His father Jagjeet Singh . 

Karam sets out on a difficult trip to find secure employment and buy a house, but his attempts fall short. In a desperate attempt to alleviate his financial difficulties, he adopts the guise of "Pooja," a sympathetic female agony aunt. His ability to provide wise advise makes him an overnight sensation, with people from all across the country seeking "Pooja's" assistance. Karam's life becomes a swirl of upheaval as a result of his sudden success, blurring the barriers between his personal and professional lives.

Jaipal, Pari's father, is adamantly opposed to her relationship with Karam, and is anxious to marry her off to a wealthy member of their caste. As a result, Jaipal arranges for Pari to marry another man. Karam musters the resolve to disrupt the wedding ceremony, despite his heartbreak. Putting on the mask He offers an enthralling dance performance in "Pooja," passionately declaring his love for Pari. In this touching moment, Pari reveals the truth and cancels her engagement to the other man.

Jaipal, on the other hand, is furious and attempts to humiliate Karam in front of the wedding guests. Karam, undeterred, confronts Jaipal, challenging his deeply embedded classist ideals. What follows is a riveting conversation in which Karam emerges victorious, convincing Jaipal to recognise him as Pari's spouse. Jaipal expresses his heartfelt apologies to Karam and Pari and blesses their marriage.

Karam and Pari celebrate their marriage with a lavish ceremony. Karam maintains his dual identity as "Pooja," assisting others with their issues while also emerging into a successful businessman, enabling his father in settling his debts.

"Dream Girl 2" is a delightful and hilarious comedy that addresses themes of love, social inequalities, and the value of acceptance. While it is a sequel to the 2019 smash hit "Dream Girl," it may also be appreciated as a stand-alone cinematic experience.

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