Jailer Audiance taken by exhilrating journey through the life of muthuvel pandian a retired police officer driven by a burning desire for justice . The central plots revolves of muthuvel relentless pursuit of vengenace of life fo;;owing the tragic dath of his son . ACP Arjun.

Genre - Action/Thrileer

Relaese - 10 August 2023

Director - Nelson Dilipkumar

Producer - Kalanithi Malan

Budget - 200-240 Crore INR

Box office - 560 Crore INR





Shiva Rajkumar


Mirna Menon

Tamannnah Bhatia

Vasanth Ravi


Arjun met his untimetly demise while investigating the case while involving the disapperence of valuable temple idols , a neforias operation of orchestrated by the enigmatic gangster Varman who smuggled the secret artifacts and peddals them to international buyes .

Muthuvel a formal Jailer who known for a ruthless demanor and magnetic charisma, is not to be man be a trifled with, He posseses an array of impressive skills . from combat prowess to talenty for disgusis . With unvavring determination . . He harness his ability to take Varman down . and his nefergus gang.

The film offers viewrs to immersive experiance , as they witness muthuvel transformation for a retired law , enfocrcement officer to relentless vigilante. Along the way , He grapples with his own past and confronts, the darker aspects of his personality . Through this ardous journey , Muthuvel learns very lessons of the family and the power of forgiveness. 

Ultimatly muthuvel succeds in exacting retribution for his son for the demise and brings Varman and his criminl syndicate for justice . The movie conclute of a emmotional note , with muthuvel returning to his family .

The iconic role of muthuvel pandian is portrayd by the legendry rajnikanth . a celebrated figure in indian cinema , The film is skillfully directed by Nelson Dilipkumar , renowed for his ability to infuse style and high octane action into his projects . " jailer carter to the expectations of a wide audiance. deleivering a well rounded cinematic experiance .encopassing action packed sequence, comedic interluke dramatic moments and suspenceful twists.

With its thearetical release in India " Jailer " is poised to be resounding succes at the bix office . Crictics has showerd prays of rajnikanth. exceptional performance and the film electrifying action sequence cementing a positiona watch a s must watch in Indian cinema.

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