Jawan The Upcoming film  Updated from march 2023 has Been genrating anticipating significant, although the complete story line remains shrouded in mystery .while the full plot is yet to be unvieled,intrigiung hint has been provided through the film trailer and synpsis.

Genre - Action/Thriller

Release - 7 September (2023)

Director - Atlee Kumar

Producer - Gauri Khan

Runtime - 2h 47mint

Budget - 250 Crore INR

Box office - 240 Crore INR (10 Days)




Shahrukh Khan


Vijay Sethupati

Sanya malhotra 



In the Trailer audiance can glimples Shahrukh khan character , a man Bearing a scaared visage , who finds himself confinds within a cnadesletine faclity . In a dramatic turn of events . He manages and break free and embarks on a relentless quest for vengence event against an enigmatic and entagostic.

The film offical synopsis with jawan as a High octane Action Thriller that revolves around a man driven by a deep seated vendeta determind to rectify a societal wrongs while ramining faithful to a promise made long ago . The Synopsis also adudels to a formidable adversary a monstrous outlaw who has inflicted profound suffering who has countless individuals .

From these hints it is evident that jawan Promises a gripping narrative centred on themes of revenge and justice . Additionly there may be supernatural element woven into the storyline , as a hinted by refrence to a " mountrous outlaw".

Nonetheless the complete tale of jawan remains closely guarded secret leaving audiances eagarly awaiting the film relaese to uncover the intricasis of the plot .

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