Kushi (2023) is capative south indian Hindi Telugu movie Roamntic comedy film Directed By Shiva nirvana. Featuring the dyanamic duo of Vijay /deverakonda And Samantha Ruth Prabhu . This Heartwarming tale is Contemporaray reimagning of the 2001 .telugu classic of the same name which also inspired Hindi film khushi is (2003).

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 1 September 2023

Director - Shiva Nirvana

Budget - 50 crore

Runtime - 2h 47mint




Vijay Deverakonda

Samntha Ruth Prabhu


Sachin Khedekar

Vennela Kishore

Rahul Ramakrishna


Viplav is carefree soul working on state-run telecom company . frusteted by the monopoly of his life in the city.He diceded to seek solance landscape on the Kashmir .
Aradhya on the other hand is the Brillient and Independent . corporate proffesionls in IT industry. she is not only abitious but also the doughter of the affluent bussiness man , Srinivasa Rao Prakash Raj

Fate brings viplav and aaradhya Together in the enchanting backdrop of the kashmir . instantly thier hearts connect , and they fall deeply in love ,transcending thier diverse background and lifestyles.
Thier love faces formidable challenges,Particulary from aaradhya father Srinivasa Rao, who vohomently opposes thier relationship and resorse to voilence to a attemp to seprate them.

Yet viplav and Aaradhya determination to be together prevails . they defi all knot and tie the notes , against srinivasa rao wishes .
as they move into a modest apartment and bigin thier new life together , viplav and aaradhya to reveal in thier happiness and contentment.

Regretabbly thier bliss is short-lived when aaradhya experices their heartbreaking miscaarge during her pregnency . This loss shattred them both.
Neverthless their love unyelding . They draw strength from one another navigating the depths of discavering support and resilance ,their bond deeping in the process .

Kushi is a touching story of love loss and the indomitable human spirit. It serve as a poignant remainder that true love can triumph over even the most formiddable challenges life throw our way.

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