"Raaghu" (2023) is a riveting South Indian action thriller directed by Prashant Kumar N. and starring Raghu Mukherjee, Shilpi Sharma, and Daisy Shah. The film follows the journey of a guy named Raghu, who is forced to confront a tough mobster when his family's safety is jeopardised.

 Genre - Action/thriller

Release - 28 April 2023

Director - M Anand Raj

Runtime - 1h 33mint




Vijay Raghvendra


Raghu, a humble man, lives in a peaceful village with his adoring wife and son. His life is peaceful until one tragic day, when an infamous mobster named Anna descends on the village, instilling terror and turmoil among the residents. Anna is involved in a web of illegal operations that includes drug trafficking and extortion. He coerces the villagers into paying protection money, threatening them with death if they do not comply.

Raghu emerges as one of the few villagers who dares to defy Anna's rule. He even attempts to report the thug to the authorities, defying Anna's extortion demands. However, Anna's influence and strength prove insurmountable, rendering the local police force ineffective.

Tragic events occur as Anna's henchmen launch a vicious assault on Raghu's household, killing his wife and son and leaving Raghu for dead. He miraculously escapes the event, but is crushed by the irreversible loss. Raghu sets out on a gruelling trek, swearing revenge.

Raghu moves to the city and devotes himself to intensive martial arts training while gathering essential information on Anna's illegal activities. Raghu is ready to confront Anna after months of unrelenting preparation.

Raghu engages Anna and his squad in a violent clash in an intense and blood-soaked confrontation. He removes all of Anna's associates and eventually defeats Anna herself. Raghu obtains his long-desired vengeance, but at a high cost: he loses all he values in the process.

The video ends with a sombre vision of Raghu, a broken and bereft man, leaving the battlefield, forever changed by the unstoppable path of his search for justice.

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