Skanda: The Attacker, directed by Boyapati Srinu and starring Ram Pothineni, Sreeleela, and Saiee Manjrekar, is a Telugu action film released in 2023. The plot follows Bhaskar Raju (Ram Pothineni), a political science student who is forced to accept responsibility for crimes he did not commit in order to protect his family. When his sister, Rudraganti Parineeta (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana ministers), is kidnapped, Bhaskar must work with his twin brother, Skanda (also played by Ram Pothineni), to save her and uncover the truth.

Genre - Romance/Action

Release - 28 Deptember 2023

Runtime - 2h 47mint

Director - Boyapati Srinu




Ram Potheneni


Saiee Manjekar

Prince cecil

Story of the Film:

Rudrakanti Ramakrishna Raju (Srikanth), the CEO of the Crown Group Company, is sentenced to death for crimes he did not commit in the beginning of the film. Parineeta, his daughter, is fighting for her life at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Bhaskar Raju is a political science student who is madly in love with Sreeleela (Sreeleela). Sreeleela is Telangana Chief Minister Ranjith Reddy's (Sharath Lohithaswa) daughter.

Bhaskar sees the murder of Ranjith Reddy and his accomplice, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Rayudu (Ajay Purkar) one day. Ranjith and Rayudu abduct Bhaskar's sister, Parineeta, and threaten to murder her until Bhaskar accepts responsibility for the crime.

Bhaskar is forced to accept their demands. He's been apprehended and sentenced to death. Skanda, Bhaskar's twin brother and a famed Moroccan assassin, rushes to his rescue.
Skanda kidnaps Sreeleela and uses her as a bargaining chip to get Ranjith and Rayudu to release Bhaskar and Parineeta. 

Skanda eventually kills Ranjith and Rayudu, reuniting Bhaskar and Parineeta. Skanda's genesis tale will be revealed in the Skanda 2 sequel.
Nota bene: The film concludes with Skanda disclosing to Bhaskar that he is their adopted brother. Their biological father is a shadowy man only known as "The Godfather." Skanda also informs Bhaskar that he will be joining him in the anti-corruption struggle. 

Bhaskar Raju (Ram Pothineni), a hardworking political science student who is madly in love with his classmate Sreeleela (Sreeleela), becomes entangled in a web of deception. Sreeleela is the daughter of Telangana Chief Minister Ranjith Reddy (Sharath Lohithaswa), unbeknownst to him.

When Bhaskar becomes an unwitting witness to a horrible crime committed by Ranjith Reddy and his clever accomplice, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Rayudu (Ajay Purkar), he is plunged into a frightening conspiracy. They threaten Bhaskar with terrible consequences and plan the kidnapping of his sister, Parineeta, to force him to accept responsibility for their misdeeds.

At the end of the film, Skanda reveals to Bhaskar that they have a deeper bond because they are not only siblings, but they also have an adoptive brother. Their biological father is still a mystery, only known as "The Godfather." Skanda swears to join Bhaskar in their joint mission to combat corruption and seek justice for the oppressed.

"Skanda: The Avenger" is a thrilling film adventure that expertly balances action, drama, and familial relationships. This Telugu thriller keeps the audience fascinated and waiting for the next installment of the Skanda tale.

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