"A Haunting in Venice"    On a somber autumn day in venice, Italy the city's iconic canals but veiled in mis and an arre atmosphere hung in the air , redolant of decay . From a solitry gondala emerged a  mysterious figure shrouded in a clock of inky black, stepping onto the ancient cobbed streets.

 Genre - Horror/Thriller

Release - 15 September 2023

Director - Kenneth barang 

Budget - $75 Million

Box office - $118.8 Million

Runtime - 1h 43mint




Kenneth barang

Kelly Reilly 

Michelle yeoh

jamie Dorman

Tina fey 

Kaile Allen


This Enigmatic indivudual bored the name Anna and had journey to Venice with a singular purpose . to Investigate a haunting peculier malevolance, Venice was renowed for its multitude of ghosts and ethereal entities , But its particlar haunting set itself apart . It was whispered that malevolant force lurked along the waterways , claiming its victim and condemning them to the wateryy abess. 

Anna service hailed in sought by a weatlth entrepreneur , Marco Visconti whose doughter , shophia had mysteriously vanished several weeks prior . consumed by the belief malevolant spector was responsible for Shophia's disappearence , marco was willing to pay any price to reunite with his beloved doughter.
Anna comenced her investigation by interviewing Marco and his household staff . Through their account , She learned that Shophia , Once a cheerful and outgoing girl , had grown increasingly introverted and secretive in the weeks leading up to her vanishing . She had also been tormented by recuriing nightmares of a shadowy figure haunting the canal's depths .

Proceeding to the location where shophia has last been seen , Anna ventured down a narrow allywey adjacent to the grand canal's . A pervacive sease of unease settled over her sea progressed , The air was prigid and still , and only sounds were the echoing footstep of her own pages .

At the alley's terminus Anna discovered a small stone bridge . She stood there gazing town at the opaque canal below , unable to discern its depths . A shiver coursed through her as she contempled the grim possibilities of Shophia's submursion at the hands of the ghostly presence .

Returing to Marco's opulent mansion , Anna prepared herself to a dangerous confontation with the malevolant spirit . her Determintation of rescue Shophia was unraveling.

As night descended , Anna took refuse in Shophia's room , attuned to the city eerie symphony of howling winds and pelting rain . She closed her eyes and endevourd to connect with the emotions Shophia must felt on the night she Disappered .

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