After Everything  Tessa and Hardin had gone their separate ways in the aftermath of "After We Fell," trying to find their way back to each other in a sea of regrets and unresolved emotions. Tessa, now a prominent editor in New York's busy city, is haunted by the scars of Hardin's past betrayals. Nonetheless, her affection for him is apparent. Hardin is grappling with the arduous job of recreating his life in London on the other side of the Atlantic, all the while realising the grave error of letting Tessa slip through his fingers.

Genre - Romance/thriller

Release - 13 September 2023

Director - Castille Landon

Box office - $7.2 Million

Runtime - 1h 33mint




Josephni Langford

Mimi Keene

Hero finnies Tiffin

Benjamin Cascolo

Jessica Webber


Tessa's world is turned upside down when she receives an invitation to Hardin's book launch. She has no idea what the event will hold, but she knows she has to go. 

Her search is motivated by a desire to discover the potential of rekindling their love, despite the difficulties of their relationship.

When Tessa and Hardin meet at the book launch, the initial awkwardness and guarded attitudes give way to the usual dynamics of their passionate but turbulent relationship. Hardin makes the first move, apologising heartfeltly for causing Tessa distress. He exhibits a great desire to make things right. Tessa, who is still in love with him, gingerly admits her feelings while acknowledging the trust concerns that remain between them.

The days that follow in London become a watershed moment.
Tessa and Hardin have meaningful discussions about their shared history, the realities of their current lives, and their future hopes. Their physical intimacy rekindles, highlighting the inherent bond that unites them.

Tessa and Hardin recognise that their love persists, but they also recognise the importance of resolving their unsolved concerns. Their decision is simple: they want to give their relationship a second try. Returning to New York City's bustling streets hand in hand, they continue on the adventure of restoring their lives and their love.

Themes of love, forgiveness, and second chances are explored. Despite the significant effort required to restore their relationship, and Hardin remain determined to make it work, spurred by optimism for a brighter and more promising future.

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