"American Psycho" a figure more enigmatic and treacherous than ever before . In this contemporing remaigning of the classic novel , Bateman assumes a role of a prosperous young investment banker who leads a bank life , By the epitomize The American charismatic , Brilliant , handsome . However as the sun sets , he transfored into a depreal serial killer who derive selistaic pleasure for transmeting and murdering his victims .

 Genre - Thriller/Crime

Release - 14 April 2000

Director - Marry Harron

Budget - $15 Million

Box office - $34 Million

Runtime - 1h 42mint




Christien Bale

Jared Leto

Willen Defore

Guinevere Teaver

Cloae Sevengy


Bateman existance is one of populence and evirace . Her surounds himself and with others who are equally affulend and accomplished . yet he percives then all as hollow bigins . he is besised by boredom dislluisement with his life , finding solace only he is macabre desin.

Bateman spirrel into darkness bigins graduaaly initaily content with obeserving the violenace and debauchery surrounding him , his growing disenchantment and enu push him to act on his violent impulses.

His initial victim is a homeless man , whom he mercheousy bludgowm to death with  a baseball bat . Subsequenty he repeatly progress to more grotesque and elaborate murders , targeting prostetues drug dealer , and even a co-worker.

With his mounting body count , bateman bigins to loose his grip on his double life carelessness and recklessness ship into his actions , resulting an error .

As the police intensify his investigation into Allen'smurder , bateman mental state unravels . hounted by memories of her victims , he beacme incresingly paranoids and delusinol.

He eventually devulags his crime to his lawyer , who refuses to believe him . left with no recourse , bateman takes the matter into his own hands , embarking on a brutal killing spree , Trageting anyone who knows him or could potentialy expose his sinister actions.

In the end Bateman's own hubris become his downfall , he unchecked arrogance convience him that he is invincible , yet this very arrogance lead to his apprehension , arrest and subsequent conviction for his crime . 

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