"Bombai Meri Jaan" 2023 Unfolds as a Heartfelt romantic Drama set Against the Back Drop of Mumbai , India . The films revolves around the captivating love story of two young Indivisuals , Aarti and karan who Transcend sociatal disparities to find love in one another .

Genre - Romance/Crime 

Release - 14 September 2023

Number of Episode - 10




Avinash Tiwari

Kritika Verma

Amryar Dastur 

Kay Kay Menon

Niveddita Bhatacharya

Saurabh Sachdeva


Aarti, A middle class girl , resides with her family in a chawl , a modex housing complex in Mumbai,slum Despite her finacial constraints ,she posseses a fierce ambition and excel academically , Unfortunatlly her family struggles to afford her collage education . In contrast Karan , hails from privilage , dwelling in a opulent Apartment with his well-of parents, He is carefree and seldom faced the Hardship of life .

Fate Intervenes when Aarti and karan serendipitously meet on a train. They share on immediate and profound connection. which leads to a Secret Romance. However their relationship is swiflt jeopardized By their difering social statuses and the Disapprovel of their families .

Aarti family disaaproves of her involvment with Karan. deeming in hin unsuitable match.
they urge her To concentrate on her studies and secure employment to Become self-sufficient , Conversely karan parents Object to their relationship , beleving does not belong their stratum . They prefer he marraiges a girl from a wealthy family to sustain their legacy.

In the face their obstacles , Aarti and karan love prezerves and Intensifies. They remain absolute in their determine together , regardless of the adversities , However their love is put to the Ultimate test when karan Parents arrange her marraige to another woman .

Karan torn between love with her Aarti and familible obligations , He must make a profound Decisions - Whether to follow his hearts or to adhere to her parents desires in the climax Karan chooses Love over duty , Braverly breaking of his engagment and eloping with Aarti. 

Aarti 's and Karan Love story serves as a testment to teh enduring power of love that surmounts all chalenges . it is tale of two Indivisuals who are fight ardently for Their love , unyeilding their commitment to one another "Bombai Meri jaan" showcases the indomitable spirit of love , transcending boundries and proving that love can tirumph over adversity.

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