"Chandramukhi 2"  Dr Vikram Singh a renowend pyshologist , is called a treat to young woman named priya , who is posseseb by the spirit of Chandramukhi . A powerful witch who is imprisoned by the 18th century . Vikram is initially reluctant to take on the case , But he eventually agrees after seeing the suffering that priya is going Through.

 Genre - Horror/Thriller

Release - 28 September 2023

Director - P. vasu

Producer - Subhaskaran Allirajah

Budget - 60-65 Crore INR

Runtime - 2h 50mint




Kangana Ranaut

Mahima Nambiar

Raghawa Lawrence 


Lakshi Menon



The Haounted Palace

Vikram takes Priya to his Ancestral Palace , which is rumoured to be Hounted By the Spirit of Chandramukhi. Vikram Beleives that the Palace is the Best Place to Perform the exorcism , as It is the place where chandramukhi was originally imprisoned . 

The Exorcism 

Vikram bigins the exorcism caremony , but It is soon Clear That chandramukhi is powerful spirit . She fight back against Vikram, and the caremony goes awry . Vikram is force to flee the palace, Leaving priya behind.

The Secret of Chandramukhi

Vikram returns to the palace with a group of experts , including a prist and tantrik . They bigin the exorcism ceremony again. but still Chandramukhi is too Powerful . Vikram needs to learn more about Chandramukhi's past order to defeat her.

The Truth about Chandramukhi

Vikram discovers Chandramukhi was once a beautiful Princess who was cursed by a witch . She was imprisoned in the palace for centuries , and her anger hatred grew stronger over time . Vikram also learns that the only way to Defeat the chandramukhi is to break the curse that was placed on her .

The final Battle 

Vikram and his team return to the palace for the final battle against Chandramukhi , They use a powerful mantra to break the curse, and  Chandramukhi is finally defeated . Priya a freed by the spirit from the spirit possesions , And vikram as hailed as Hero .

The Epilogue

Priya and Vikram Fall in love , and They get married . They live happily after the ancestral palace , which is now free from the curse of Chandramukhi . 
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