"Ganpath" In a bleak Landscpe of a world deveasteted by the ravages of climate change and widesprest social unrest , we find ourself in the year 2070. The planet is starkely divided into two distinct classes. a privillinged allinged basking in the opuless of their sancturires . while the improvished masses struggle for survivors in desolate wasteland.

Genre - Fantasy/Thriller

Release - 20 October 2023

Director - Vikas Bahl

Budget - 150-200 Crore INR

Producer - Vikas Bahl

Runtime - 2h 16mint




Tigor Shroff

Kriti Sano

Amitabh Bachan


Sarvan Ali Palijo


A fighter with a Shadowed past

within the grity inderbelly of this dystopian society emerges as a Skilled boxer who has meticoulsly honed his talents in the brital underground fighting rings . Haounted by the scres of a troubled past , Guddu seeks solance in the raw thrill of combat ,using his fist as a copy mechanism to numb the pain of his inner demons.

A rebel with a Purpose 

Guddu's life take a unforeseen turn when he crosses paths with Jassi ,a fiery activist fervently championing the right paths of the oppressed . Jassi's passion for social justice rekindness the dormaint embers of empathy within Guddu , compelling his to redirect his formedable strenth towerd a greater purpose .

The Struggle for freedom

Ganpath embarks on atreachereous Journey to dismantel Dalini's empire, confronting insurmountable odds along the way. with jassi by his side , Ganpath must muster every ounce of courage and determination to prevail against the forces of Evil.

The Champion Rises 

As Guddu delves deeper into the realve of social activism, he bigins to unearth the sinister plot orchesrest by the ruthless criminal syndicate led by the enigmatic Dalini . Determined to librate the oppressed from the clutchess of the tyraany , Guddu embraces the new identity as Ganpath , becoming a symbol of hope for the downprodden .

The Revelation

As Ganpath unrevels the intricate web of Daalini's motive , he stumbless upon a startliing connection to his own enigmatic past . This revelation forces Ganpath to confronts his deepest fears and insecurity , testing his revolves to his resovle to his very limits .

The Climactic Showdown

In a heart pounding climate , Ganpath faces of against Dalini in a battle that will determine the faith of the dystopian world . with the future of the world hanging in the balance . Ganapath must has summon all his strenth and indomitable will power to emerge victorious .

The Aftermath

In the wake of this epic confontation , Ganapath emerges as a becon of hope , inspirring others to rally and fight for a brighter future.

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