"Maggie Moore" In the quiet town of buckland , New Maxico a chilling mystery unfolds a two woman wearing the same name , Maggi Moore meet a tragic end within days of each other .

Genre - Crime/Thriller

Release - June 2023

Director - John Slattery 

Runtime - 1h 39mint




Nick Mohhamed 

Jon Hamm

Micah Stock 

Happy ANderson

Tina Frey 

Allison Dunbar


The Investigation

Laeding a charge in unreaveling this perplexing case is Police chief jordan Sanders, who find a unexpected ally in the form of rita , a vigilant neighbour kin on contributing to the quest for truth.

The first maggie moore

The initial vivtim ,a homemaker named maggie moore ,was discoverd a strangged in her own residence , Suspicion imidiatly falls upon her husband , Jay who become the prime suspect in the eyes of the law .

The Second maggie moore 

In a hounting twist ,a second maggie moore is wautress met her dremiss from a gunshot wound in her car , with no known enemies ,her murder purplexes local authorities .

A Complex Tapestry of Deceit

As Sanders and Rita dive diper into their investigation , they bigin to unravel a complex tapaestry of lies and deception that drouds the queit town of Buckland , where nearly everyone seems to harbor a well - gaurded secret .

The Enigmatic Hitman

It soons become evidence that the two murders are Linked , both orchestred by the mysterious hitman who was contracted by an-as-yet-Unknown party within the town.

The Motive

The central enigma revolves around the identity of the person who hired a hitman and underlying motivation for wanting both maggie moore to meet a tragic end .

Jay Moore's Dubious Dealings

Jay's Moore involvment in dubious activities comes to light , reveling a trail of embezzlemt from his employer and connection to a local drug dealer ,casting a shadow over his charcater .

Rita's unvawering doubt 

As suspicion mounts , Rita's determination to get to the bottom of the mystery drives her to invistegate jay. her relentless efforts lead her to a shocking revaltion , Jay was indees involves was the hiring of the hitman , but there's starting twist .

The confontation

Rita confronts Jay , unearthing a confression , He had indeed hired the hitman , but the hitman made a grave mistakes , The second maggie moore was never Gate a intent target.

The truth Revealed 

The truth finally unvield , reveals that jay orchestred the murder of his wife However, the hitman , in a tragic mix-up ended the life of the wrong Maggie Moore .

The Aftermath

Justice prevails as Jaya as Taken into custody for the murder of his wife , and hitman faces and the consequences of his actions . the town of buckland is left in a state of shock and disbelief , Forever scarred by the profound and unsetting events that unfolded.

The End

In the end , Justice is served , but buckland remains forever marked by the darkness that enveloped by the two Maggie moore , leaving in the indelible stain on the community collective memory. 

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