Mayagadu (2023)" is a Telugu-language action thriller film directed by V. V. Vinayak and produced by Mythri Movie Makers' Naveen Yerneni and Y. Ravi Shankar. The film stars Ram Charan, Kiara Advani, and Anjali in prominent roles, with Sunil, Naveen Chandra, Samuthirakani, Murli Sharma, and Vennela Kishore providing supporting performances.

Genre - Romance/Action

Release - 10 October 2023

Director - G.Karthik Reddy

Runtime - 2h 5mint




Naveen Chandra 

Pooja Jhaveri

Abhimanyu Singh

Kabir Duhan singh

Gayathri Suresh


The plot of the film centres around the life of Ram, a young guy raised in an orphanage. Ram is a bright student and athlete; nevertheless, his life takes a drastic change when he becomes involved in a violent confrontation with a gang of boys from a competing institution, ending in a terrible beating that renders him comatose.
Ram regains consciousness in a hospital bed, surrounded by his pals and orphanage workers, who exhale a sigh of relief at his recovery. There is, however, a critical twist: Ram has lost his memories. He suffers from amnesia, unable to recollect his identity, origins, or any events preceding the fateful conflict.

Ram returns to the orphanage after being released from the hospital in an attempt to piece together his disjointed life. His days, on the other hand, are haunted by nightmares and distressing recollections from his past. Ram sets off on a mission to discover the truth about the attack on him and the mysteries surrounding his past.

In the midst of his perilous voyage, Ram meets Anjali, a young woman who is also an orphan. Their bond is instant, and a blossoming romance develops. Nonetheless, Ram's memory loss adds a layer of complication to the partnership.
Simultaneously, Ram's assailants hide in the shadows, determined to eliminate him. Ram finds himself racing against the clock, desperate to piece together his past and avert the danger that threatens both him and Anjali.

Ram gradually reveals alarming discoveries about his true origins as the story progresses. He learns that he is the son of a wealthy businessman who was brutally killed by rivals seeking control of his family's empire. To complicate matters further, Ram's mother is shown to be alive, but she has been kidnapped by his enemies.

Ram sets off on a risky quest to rescue his mother and fight his enemies with unrelenting devotion. He faces various challenges and opponents along the way, but he remains steadfast in his purpose.
Ram defeats his attackers and secures the freedom of his long-lost mother in a thrilling finish. Ram is ready to leave the shadows of his mysterious past behind now that his memory has been restored.
In a joyful ending, Ram and Anjali marry after weathering a storm of trials, and they embark on a new chapter of their life, living happily ever after.

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