Mission Raniganj . In 2023, India faces a grave energy crisis as its oil reserves decline, leaving the government scrambling to satisfy rising electrical demand. The government undertakes a secret operation in Raniganj, a small town in West Bengal, in a desperate attempt to find a solution. Rumours say that Raniganj has a significant shale gas deposit, however the region is known for its unpredictable political atmosphere.

Genre  - Action/Histry

Release - 6 October 2023

Director - Tinu suresh Desai

Producer - Ajay Kapoor , Jaccky channy

Runtime - 2h 22mint




Akshay Kumar

Parineeti chopra

Kumud Mishra

Ravi Kishan

Pavan Malhotra

Lankesh Bhardwaj


Major Ranveer Singh, portrayed by Akshay Kumar, is a renowned military hero known for his excellent soldiering skills and brilliant tactical insight. Ranveer is charged with the important responsibility of unravelling the energy solution. He is fluent in Bengali and has a thorough awareness of the region.
When Ranveer and his team arrive in Raniganj, they quickly infiltrate the local community, beginning the process 

Ranveer is unfazed by the tremendous obstacles and is determined to complete his task. They launch a relentless campaign to undermine Dawood's operations and put pressure on the corrupt local administration.

Infuriated by Ranveer's activities, Dawood Khan is determined to eliminate him. He initiates a series of attacks on Ranveer and his team, but Ranveer outwits him every time.
Ranveer defeats Dawood in a one-on-one duel in the climactic encounter. Dawood has been captured, and his criminal syndicate has been dissolved.

With the shale gas reserve secured, the Indian government begins the extraction procedure. The energy crisis is passed, and India is on its road to becoming self-sufficient in energy.
Ranveer and his team are hailed as national heroes at the end of the film, their unwavering commitment and heroism serving as emblems of India's triumph over adversity.

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