"Pain Hustlers"  in the fiercy competitive realme of pharmaceuticles sales , Liza Drake stands as a formadible force. Her charm and perseusanious can seal any deal . making her a rising star in the industry , , However hidden beneth her succes , Liza guards a dark Secret - she moonlight as a drug Dealer .

Genre - Romace/Drama

Release - 20 October 2023

Director - David yetes

Producer - Lawrence grey 

Distributed By - Netflix

Runtime - 2h 2mint 




Chris Evans

Emily Blunt

Andy Garcia

Cathrine O hara

Jay Duplass


 A Mysterious Proposition 

One fateful Day , Liza encounters frank , a cryptic figure with a intriguing offer , He seeks liza help in sealing a groundbreaking pain killer still in its clinical trail phase , Frank touts it as a miracle drug But liza is't fooled . She fully aware that this venture skirts the boundry of leagality . 

The Temptation

Despite the inherits risks Frank proposel fooled alluring at Liza . fatigued by her Role as a corporate cog , She sees a chance to amaze a fortune. tempted by the potetial riches, she reluctantly agrees to distribute the experimental Drug , Setting her life on a new course.

Succes at a cost 

Liza's new found prosperty , however exacts  a toll she became ensyanerd by the drug she peddles . Losing control over her life in the process , Negleting her loves ones and aligneting herself from her support network , she finds her self in and ever-deepening quagmire . As the Dea becomes closing in on  frank's operation , Liza sense the peril encroching on her.

A Downword Spirel 

As Liza Grapples with the complexicitis of addition,her professionals and personal life unravels . Her once-pristine record is bleemished by a series of mistakes at work, while her relationships deteriote invitably , the DEA Aprehends Liza , and she faces the consequences of her actions .

A Difficult Decision

Imprisoned and confronted By her transgressions , Liza is left with a stark choice . She can either succumb to the destructive path she carved or embark's on a journey of redemption.

A New Biggining 

Liza opts for the letter , embracing sobriaty and initiating the process of making amends . In a remarkable turn of events , she bigins to chronicles her experience in a book , aspiring to steer others clear or the same missteps .

A massage of hope 

"Pain hustlers" serves as a fictionalized account of the oxicotin apedmic that griped the United States in the early 2000s . It's a sobring narrative , coutioning against the perilous combination of addiction and greed . Nonetheless its also a tale of resilence and renewable , liza's journey underscores the enduring truth that It's never to late to alter one's course and seek redemption.

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