"Rama Banam"   is 2023 tamil- Language Romantic Action film Directed Sriwass.
The Story unfolds in a fictional village of ramabanam , Known for its unique culture and deeply cheristed traditions. The villagers are fiercelly protective of their lands and custom , guided by the influtianal and respected Rama  rao (Srikanth).

Genre - Action/Romance

Release - 5 may 2023

Director - Sriwass

Budget - 20 Crore INR

Box office - 100 Crore INR

Runtime - 2h 19mint




Dimple hayathi

Tottempuddi Gopichand

jagapathi Babu

Tarun Arora


Vennela Kishore


Rama's Rao Son Stands on the stark contrast to his father ambitions . he find solace in the company of his friend and his girlfriend Seeta and Hayathi and his little interest . in his father bussiness and political persuits.
However an unforeseen disruption takes the tranquently Ramabanam of a group of outsiders , led by the ruthless Devendra , descends upon the village natural resource for personal Gain.
Ram and his frirends unvavring in their commitment to preserve their way of life , find themselves a perilous conflict. Ram must step into the role of a leader and defend his people and their heritage from the enroaching outsiders.


1 The iddylic village of Ramabanam 
2 Intrusion of the outsiders 
3 Conflict on the horizon
4 Ram;s valient leadership

The iddylic village of Ramabanam

At the heart of village stands of Rama Rao , a respected leader and Doting father of Ram.
Ram, in contrast to his father , is a young man to struggling to find their purpose.He eschews his father persuits and finds joy in her companions and the love of Seetha .

Intrusion of the outsiders 

The tranquinal life of Ramabanam is disrupted a group of outsiders , spearheaded by the unscruplous Devendrs , aarives Devendra is a Bussiness man who see's profit in his Village's natural resource. he oofers Rama rao to build a mining project , but the offer is promptly refused . 

Rama Valient Leadership

Following his recovery , Ram steps into the role of leading the resistance against Devendra . He assembles a group of Young man training them, for the impending Battle.
Ram and his teams launch a steps of attack on Devendra mining operations , aiming to protect their land and culture. 

The Decisive Battle 

Devendra furious at Ram Defiance , decide to launch a full-scale assault on the village . Ram and the villagers however are prepared and fortified ready to defend their heritage.
A ferociuous battle ensues , with casualties on both sides . Yet through unvewring determination and valor, ram and Villagers ultimatelty emerge triumphant.
Devendra id Defeated and banished from Ramabanam , ensuring the safety and preservation of their cherished way of life.


Ramabanm 2023 is a potent cinematic narrative that underscores the significance of safegaurding one's culture and traditions. It serves as testment to the bravery and determination when confronted with adversity.

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