"Talk to me"   five close friends in their early twenties for a weekend retreat at a remote cabin nestled within the woods . Though the cabin appears weathred and aged, the allure of escaping city life draws them in.

Genre - Horror/Thriller

Release - 27 July 2023

Directors - Danni Phillippou

Budget - 45 Lakhs USD

Box office - $89 Miilion 

Runtime - 1h 35mint




Sophie Wilde 

Zoe Terakes 

Miranda otto 

Joe Bird 

Chris Alosio 

Otis Dhanji


A secluded gateway 

Upon Arrival, they discover the cabin is even more isolated then anticipated , no other houses on this sight , and nearest town is miles away . Curisity piqued they decide to explore the cabin and its surroundings , Inside, they find a assortment of eerie items , including a collection of a ancient dolls , an unsetting book of occult rituals and crypti symbols etched into the cabin's walls .
Sarah' one of the friends , starts experiencing peculiar visions and hallucination . She witness flitting figures from the corners of her eyes And hears unsetting whispers in the still of night . Despite the growng concern of her friends , sarah insists that her visions are mere products of her imagination , attributing them to academics stress .

Unseen Threats 

The next day, The group embarks on a hike into the woods , leaving sarah behind due to her declining health . In her solitude , Sarah is attacked by a malevolant entity and dragged into the cabin's ominous basement , Where she undergoes nightmarish ordeal and become possesed. 
Upon their return , the friend discover sarah unconsious and rush her to the hospital , but medical reports prove futtile , and sarah passes away .
Devasted the friends return to the cabin to collect her belongings , only to relize that something sinister has taken hold . Sarah vengeful spirits haounts the cabin , manifesting her anger by tormenting the group one by one .

A desperate battle

As the friend attempt to flee , they find themselves trapped , with sarah systematically claiming their lives . Relizing they must confronts sarah spirit to escape , they perform an occult rituals to exorcise her presence . Their resillence and determintaion eventuallly lead to the cabin's curse being broken .
with their freedom regained , the friend escape the hounted cabin , forever scarred by their ordeal . They memories hount them , and they grapple with post - traumatic strees disorder.

A terryfying Revelation

However their despite is short-lived with a mysterious letter arrives . bearing a postmark for the very cabin , The letter written by Sarah herself Delievers a chilling  massage , a vow to exact revenge , leaving a perpetual fear

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