"The Exorcist Believer "    In 2023 David Gordan green Directs a Supernatural Movie , This film ressurects the chilling legacy of the 1973 classic "The Exorcist" and mark the fourth installement in the exorcist franchise , the star studded cast include .

Genre - Supernatural/Horror

Release - 6 October 2023

Director - David Gordan Green 

Distributed by - Universal Pictures 

Budget - $30 Million

Runtime - 1h 51mint




Ellen burstyn 

Linda Blair 

Olivia 'O' neeil 

Lidya jewwet 

Jenneifer nettles 


The Return of Chris Macneil

Chris Macneil, A grandmother residing in Hollywood , has spent 40 Years of Attemping to erase the nightmarish memories of her doughter Regan's Possesion in George town , Neverthlesss when the demon return to torment her Granddoughter Casey, Chris must confirm her past once more.

Father Damein carras 

Father Damien caras a Young priest grappling with a crises of faith , is tasked with investigating Casey;'s possesions . initialy skeptical , Karas find himself incresingly convinced by the mounting evidence . ultimately facing the perilous choice of risking his own life to save casey's soul.

The Demon

The Demon possesing Casey's proves to be moremalevolant and formidabled than any encounters by Karras . It's isidious agenda is to shatter karras dwindiling faith and Devor Casey's very soul .

The Exorcism 

In a heart-ponding climax , Karras and a team of valient priets embark on a treacheous exorcism to free casey's from the demonic grip . the battle is ardous and Karras faces the very brink of death at the hands of the relentless demo, yet in tirumph of faith over darkness , karras succesfully rids Casey of the malevolant Entity.

The Aftermath

Following the grueling exorcism , casey is left traumatized , her memory a blank canvas marred by hounting nightmaires . Similarly , Karras graplles with the aftermath losing his own faith and questoning his place in a world taineted by the supernatural.

"The Exorcist Beliver" is a unfrinching exploration of faith , douth and the quest for redemption . this dark and unsetting cinematic masterpices simlessly says homage to the original while forging its own pathh , leaving a indelible mark on the pysche of its veivers long after the final credits have rolled .

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