"The Nun II" (2023) carries up the terrifying story four years after the harrowing events of the first part, set in 1956 France. Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga, has since moved to an Italian convent. Her tranquil isolation is disrupted, however, when the Vatican summons her to investigate a series of grisly priest killings that have spread across Europe. All of these horrific deeds are blamed on the malevolent demon Valak, whom Sister Irene had previously encountered and defeated.

Genre - Horror/Action

Release - 7 September 2023

Director - Michel Chaves

Budget - $38Million

Runtime - 1h 50mint




Taisaa fermiga

Bonni Arons

Anna Popplewell

Storm Reid

Jonas Bloquet

Katelyn Rose Downly


As she embarks on this new mission, Irene enlists the assistance of Sister Debra, played by Storm Reid, a young novice who is struggling with her faith. 

Their trip takes them to Tarascon, France, where they discover the disturbing fact that Valak has not been eradicated and is now hunting Maurice, played by Jonas Bloquet. Maurice, who had previously supported Irene in her battle with Valak, now works as a handyman at a Tarascon boarding school. Valak has penetrated Maurice's consciousness and is using him as a tool to create dread and havoc throughout the school.

Irene and Debra must band together to foil Valak's evil plans and save Maurice from the grips of the malignant demon. They rapidly realise, however, that they are up against a powerful foe, one who will put their resolve and faith to the test. Irene, in particular, must face her own concerns and misgivings.
Irene and Debra dive more into Valak's background and the nefarious forces at work in the world as the story progresses. As they struggle to resist the overwhelming evil they encounter, they are also forced to confront their own faith and convictions.

"The Nun II" is a suspenseful and atmospheric horror film that delves into the profound issues of faith, uncertainty, and the endless battle between good and evil. With its dark and gloomy narrative, it stands as a suitable successor to the original film and is primed to fascinate fans of the Conjuring Universe.

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