"The Other Zoey"  In the heart of academiya , Zoey miller stood out as an exceptionally bright collage student ,her outlook on loved lace with cynicism . However her world took and unexpected twist on a faithful head injury lead to Zach ,the university popular zach star , mistaking her ffor this grlfriend - ANother Zoey.

Genre - Romance/Comedy

Release - 20 October 2023

Director - Sara Zandieh

Written By - Matt Tabek

Runtime - 1h 26mint




Drew Starkey

Josephine Langford 

Maggie Thurmon

Amalia Yoo

Mallori Johnson


Living a Deceptive Life

Seeing a unique oppurtinity  to inch closer to mike , Zach's cousin and the object of joy intellectual affections , she made the daring decision's to perpetuate this case of mistaken idenetity . As their shared carade unfolded , Zoey discovered layer to Zach's beyond his athletic prowess , facets of his personality that trancended his public persona.

Cought in the webs of illusion 

With each passing day , the boundry between reality and make-blurred , Zoey found herself ensnared in a complex web of deception , navigating her emotions , torn between her affections for Zach for her Deeper connection with miles , all the while upholding the facade of someone she was not.

Unmasking the truth

Invetibly the truth about Zoey's true identity unraveled , unleashing for-reaching consequenses . Relationships strained under the weight of betrayel , and Zoey had to confront the aftermath of her actions.

Discovering authentic Love

In the trubulant aftermath of this revelation Zoey embarked on a journey of self-discovery She releized that genuinelove was not about fitting someone into a predefined mold but accepting for who they genuanly were , In the unlikedlist of palace she unearthed love hidden treasours ,understanding that sometimes , the strongest bond could spiring from the seeds of deceits .

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