"Tumse Na Ho Payega" In the hurt of Bustling Mumbai , resided a young man named Priya , Her beauty Intelligence , and kindness were unmatched , yet she bore a secret burden . Priya was deeply in love with man she knew she could never truly have-her childhood friend and neighbor Arjun.

Genre - Comedy/Drama

Release - 29 September 2023

Producer - Nitesh Tiwari

Runtime - 2h 12mint




Mahima Makwana

Ishwak Singh

Gaurav Pandey 

Karan Jotwani

Gurpreet Saini

Abhijit Sinha


Arjun, in contrast to Priya , Possesed wealth Charisma , and popularty . he was the scion of one Mumbai's most affuluent families . The gaping chasm between their worlds was undenible .
Priya was well aware that her relationship with arjun would never gain approval from his family , but her heart was uncontronabble . her love for him knew no bounds .

A Forbidden Love

Priya And arjun clendistatic their love , finding solace in secret meeting and stolen moments , fully aware that their love was formidable , they remained underteyed by odds . Youthful and enamored , they clung to the belief that love could conquer all.

Shattered Hearts

Arjun's parents arranged his marriage to a wealthy young woman named neha, leaving him devasteted . Despite his love for priya , he could'nt defy his family's wishes .
Priya's heart broke into million Pieces . She could'nt fathom losing Arjun to another woman and descended into a profound depression , withdrawing from the world .

A Fresh Satrt 

In a moment of realization , priya decided she could'nt endure this suffring from this longer. She resolved to move forward with her life . biggining to date once more . eventually she crossed paths with rahul .

Rahul was companssinate and understanding soul who love Priya for who she was , unconcerned with her past .
Initialy Gradigent priya gradually opened her heart to rahul , and in time love blossomed between them ./ Their cultimated into a beautiful marraige.

A New Biggining

Priya and Rahul created their own tale of everlasting happiness . They were blesses with two wonderful children and constructed their life filled with joy.
while Priya never forget arjun . She remainded convinced that she had made the right choice She had finally found happiness and contenment.


Tumse na Ho payega narrets a story of forbidden love and the pain of the loss . It underscores the importance of moving forward and seeking happiness anew a heartbreak .
Above all , It teaches us a that there is a always hope , even in the darkness hours , With time and resilence , we can heal and embark on a new journey towards happiness and fullfillment .

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