"Wonder Woman" for decades "Wonder Woman" portrayed by gal gadot , has chosen to live a queit life , remaining hidden from the world gaze's Yet her solitude to is shattred when an ominous new threat emerges . 

 Genre - Action/Adventure

Release - 2 June 2017

Director - Patty Jenkins

Box office - $82.28 Crore

Budget - $20 Crore est

Based on - DC

Runtime - 2h 21mint




Gal gadot

Chris Pine

Connei Neilson

Robin Wright

Elena Ananya

Lucy davis


A new Threat Unveiled

Ceice portrayed by the even Rachel wood , a formidable sorceress by the sinister agenda , has amessed a devoted following and ahrnessed her magical power to sow chaos and destruction about the world .
Wonder Woman calls to Action

Recognizing the gravity of the situation , Wonder woman relizes that she can no longer remains on the sidelines , She must take action to thwart circe nefrious plan . to do so she must gather her most trusted allies and prepare for an epic showdown .

The formation of an Unlikely Team 

To comfort circe, wonder woman assembles an electric team of heroes . Her loyal amazanion sisters , Strev trevor portyared by chris pine , and a new character named etta candy , brought to life by Luicy Lui , Join her in the endevor.

The Epic Showdown

In a climatic battle , wonder woman and her team square off against circe and her formidable army . this conflic tests wonder woman mental like never before . however with unvevring determination and her indomitable spirit she ultimately prevails thwarting circe's destructive ambitions and saving the wold from impending doom.

A Hero in the shadows 

Following the intense battle , Wonder woman returns to her life of anonymity , once again lurking in the shadows . Yet she carries with her knowledge that she stands ready to answer the world's call whenever darkness threten to engulf it once more . Wonder woman the symbol of hope and strentgh , endurs ever vigilant .

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