"Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum" In a world marred by conflict , we meet a resillient young man named ponithan. Fored to flee his home land in Sri lanka after losing his family in brutal civil war, his journey to Self discovey bigins.

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 19 May 2023

Director - Venkata Krishna Roganth 

Language - Tamil 

Runtime - 2h 30mint




magizh Thirumeni

Megha Akash 

Vijay Sethupati 





Finding Refuse

Ponithian odyssey to leads him to a refugee camp in India. where he encounters kaveri a fellow survivor. Their paths cross and a Deep connection is forged amidst advesrsity.
Ponnithan resilence and talent open the doors to a music school in London. this pivotal moment marks the start of his inpiring journey towards rebuilding his shattred life .

The Search of Identity

Life is london presents in own sets of challemges for ponnithan . As he grapples with a new envionment . he grapples with feeling of isolation and bigins to question the essence of his identity.
Ponnithan quest of takes his identity unexpected turns when he discovers that he has a Sister Anjali, Who like Him is a refugee  struglling to find her place in The world.

The journey Home

Ponnithan makes the couregeous decision to to return to India .embarking on a mission to her sisters Anjali and confront his traumatic past . This return to his roots is pivotal steps towards embracing his true self .
Ponnitham's journey is not just one of physical return but a profound emotional and spritual reconcillation. Through intropection and encounters with his lost family he finds,peace , acceptence and the answers he's been searching for .
Back in london ponnithan continues to pursue his dreams to becoming a musician his reunion with Maya marks the biggining of a new chapter in their lives filled with hope,love and the strenght derived from the journey of self-discovery . 

Additional Details 

The film delves into the profound themes of identity , belonging and the resilence of the refugee experiance.

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