"Animal"    a intense role of Arjun Kapoor , a young man driven by an isatiable longing for his father's affection . Unfortunatly Balbir Singh Arjun's Father , remains elusive in reciprocating the love his son seeks , pushing Arjun down perilous path.

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 1 December 2023

Director - Sandeep Ready Vanga

Produced by - Bhushan Kumar

Budget - 100 Cr INR

Runtime - 3h 21mint





Ranbir kapoor

Rasmika Manddana

Bobby Deol

Tripti Dimri

Parineeti Chopra

Anil Kapoor


Arjun's quest for validation transform into a chilling obession , propelling him into a dark abyss of ruthlessness and voilence . Determined to prove his worth to his father, Arjun leaves behind a trail of destruction that leaves no room for mercy.

As arjun's reckless action's attract the attention of the authorities , Inspector veer singh is assigned the formidable task of apprehending the incresingly dangerous arjun . What unfolds is a high stakes game of cat and mouse , where the line between law and chaos blurs.

Amid the trutil and bretailty , Arjun find a sameblance of solance in his love life with the saba . Yet their relationship teeners on the edge , threatened by the sinister undertones of arjun dark intentions and the hounting inspecter of his troubled past.

In the final reckoning , Arjun's unrelenting pursiut of his father approvels propels him toward a devastating confrontation that will irresebly revoke the course of his life . As the film hurtless towords its climax "Animal" promises a griping narrative that explores the depths of obbesssion and the transformative power of unchecked desires.

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