"Chithha" is a poignanat and impactful 2023 Tamil- Language Drama Directed by K.V Anand . The film revolves around Eeswarna ,Portryayed by by Sidhartha , a government employee resident to Palani , Tamil Nadu finds himself in the role of guardian to his 8 years old son Sundari , following the tragic death of his elder brother . His protective nature toward Sundari reflects a formaly love , treating as her as own doughter.

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 28 September 2023

Director - S. U Arun Kumar

Producer - Sidhatha

Box office - 16 crore INR

Runtime - 2h 20mint






Nimisha Sajayan

Anjali Nair

Sahasra Shree


The narrative takes  a horrowing turn when sundari mysteriously disapperar from her school . Eeswaran devested by the sudden disapperence for the need , embarked on a relentless search for her, Through Sundari frirends, he discover her last association with a man named sakti arun . confroting sakti, Easwaran is met with deniel but intuition promts him to dig deeper .

As eeswaran investigate , he unvails a chilling truth - Sakti is a pelophile and sundari has fallen victim to his sinister plans, Fueled by the determination , Eeswaran sets of a out on a perilous journey to rescue sundari, traking sakti to his hideout where his confronts the criminal to fierce battle, eventually eeswarna succeds in freeing sundari from her restraints.

Taking to her the hospital and reuniting her with her mother, eeswaran experience a mix of releif and indiganation at the kidnapping . This traumatic events becomes a turining point for him , igniting a fervent commitment to combat child abuse, Aware of the pervesive threat to children, Eeaswarna resolves to be a vigilant guardan for others at risk.

Chithha is compelling and unsetting film that thrusts its audience into the grim realty of child abuse . It goes beyond being merely a cenematic experience , leaving a lasting impact from vievers and prompting reflection on the imperative needs to protect vulrenable children . Eeswaran journey not only serves as a rescur mission for sundari but also as a symbol of hope and resillence against the darkness that surrounds child exploitation The film with its powerful story telling and social massages , resonates a must watch for those concerned about the safety and well being of children of sociaty.

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