"Freelance" a former special forces trapped in a mundane desk job . Relunctantly he he takes on a freelance assinment to provide private security for wasted-up journlist claire valington . Portyaed by Alison brie interveiw the ruthles dictator juan venegas , played by juan pablo Raba . When a militry coup erupts just as claire is about to uncover a groundbreaking story , this unlikely trio forms themselves on a harrowing jungle escape, fighting for their survival.

Genre - Comedy/Action

Release - 27 October 2023

Director - Pierre morel 

Producer - Steve Richards

Runtime - 1h 49mint





Alison Brie

John Cena

Alice eve

Juan Pablo Raba

Christian Slaster

Marton Csokes



The film has garnered acclaim for its expertly choreographed action sequences , humar and standhouse performance . Comparisons have also been drawn to other genre classics like taken and romancing the stone.

Freelance deliver exhilrating action seqences that captivate the audience , John cena's physical provness through as Masom , and Alison bee convicingly transform from a journlist into a resilant fighter , The film also features impressive features inclding a heart pounding scene's where mason leaps out of a Helicopter in pursuit of a villain through a jungle.


The film masturly balances action with humar . Cena and Brie's on screen chemistry is delightful scrind with beautiful with witty banter , . The movie offers slapns of slapstick comedy , such as Mason's attempt to navigate a jeep through the Jungle , which ends with a chemical collison with a tree.


John cena delievers a solid performance as Mason , portraying a former special forces operative struggling to a civilian life, Alison brie excels as Claire , a journlist who garners sympathy as she venturs into perilous terirotry yet she resillence and resourcefullness when the situation demands it , Juan pablo laba brings life to the menancing antagonist , juan Venegas retrying a portleess Dictator determined to retain his power to any cost.


Freelance 2023 delves into thought provoking themes , notably the danger of corruption and significance of freedom of the press , . Juan venegas symbolizes govermental corroption and authoriatarion regime, with claire wellington represinting the valor of investigative journlism . even when its places her life in jeopady , This dyanamic underscores the crucial role journlists play in holding governments accontables.

In summary Freelance 2023 is Enjoyable action- thriller film that blends excisting action sequences humar and steler performance . it also serves as a medium of explore the themes of curruption , the press's role in upholding truth and the potential for unexpected alliences to thrive . If u r a fan of action comedies. 

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