"Head Bush"    set in the 1970's chronicles the life of jayaraj portrayed by the Dhananjaya , a young amn who ascends the rank of teh banglore underworld to the attain a fearsome gangster status . The film hit theatres reciving a mixed reception from crictics . while praised for its perfromance , direction and production values , it faced criticsm for its pace and lack of originality .

Genre - Action/Thriller

Release - 21 October 2022

Director - Shoonya 

Budget - 25 Crore INR

Box office - 267 Crore INR

Runtime - 2h 22mint





Payal rajput

Sruti hariharan




Dhananjay deliver a carrer -defining performance in jayaraj . His portrayed is both well suited and intense breathing life into the chracters with raw authenticaly.Samyuktha hegde shines at ganga , Jayaraj love interest . her on screen chemistry with Dhananjaya adds alure and depths to the narrative.

Vasistha simha and payal rajput also deliver comendable performance in their respective roles , contributing to the film overall quality . Shoonanya direction skillfulyy immerse the audience in the 1970's in banglore underworld , creating and convincing and engaging cinematic world.

One of the film drawbacks is its slow pacing . with certains segments ponderous and effecting the film's overall momentum , Head bush adhrese to family gangster film tropes , offering a story that lacks originality and tends to follow established conventions of the genre .


"Head Bush" is undevanly a well crafted film , featuring outstanding performance and impressive production values . however its unherit pace and adherence to well worn genre tropes may not resonate with all viewers . if u have a inclination for gangster films , this movie is might be enjoyable . Yet if u r seeking a fresh and innovative cinematic experiences .

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