"Her Chapter 1 " After seeing a six-month suspension , Archana prashad portrayed by the Suhani Sharma , takes on the role of assistant commisnor of police ACP of the Telangana Police state. diving headfirst into a intriguing murder case that soon becomes deeply personal . 

Genre - Crime/Thriller

Release - 21 July 2023

Director - Shreedhar swarghav

Language - Telugu

Runtime - 1h 43mint




Ruhani Sharma

Sanjay Swaroop 

Abhigya vuthura

Ravi verma

Vikas Vasistha

Ravi Prakash


Exploration of Themes 

Her chapter 1 is compeelign a various social issues , most notably gender enequality and voilence against woman . Archana Prasad embodies a strong and independent female character , but her journey i is marred by the persisant underestimation and marxilization she faces from her male collegeous . Overcoming these challenges becomes pivotal not only for her career but also for solving the murder case and bringing the perperitor of justice.

The film does't limit itself to personal strugglees but also serves as a sharp commentry on the state of the Indian police force . Archana charactre freequently grapples with the bureucartic hurdles and rampant corruption within the system , shedding light on these systemetic issues . Furthermore the film does't shy away from depecting the sexicm and misogyny that woman like Archana often encounter in the male- dominated police force.

Critical Reception 

Her chapter 1 is garnered widespred acclaim , with particular praise for the compelling performance notably by ruhani sharma , who brings Archana Prasad charater to life with conviction. Critics have uploaded the film realistic portrayel with the complexities of working within the police force and its unflinching examination of gender inequality . However its worth nothing that some critics have voice concerend about the film pacing and predictabilty in its plot .

Overall Verdict

In summary Her chapter 1 is thought-provoking cinematic experiences that delves into critical social issues , It's a must watch for enthusiast of Telugu cinema and those who appreciate investigative thillers . With its powerful performance and exploration of gender inequality , the film serves as a timely remainder of the challenges woman face in the police force and beyond.

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