"Legend"  2015 is capticavating british biographical crime film directed By Brian helgelend featuring tom hardy in a remarkable dual role as the notorious identical twin brothers. Reggie and Rommy cray , The film reccounts the compelling narrative of the Kray's ascent to power and their eventual downfall as some of london most in famous gangster during the swinging 1960's .

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 4 December 2015

Director - Brian Helgeland

Budget - $25 Million

Box office - $46 Million

Runtime - 2h 12mint




Tom Hardy

Emile Browning 

Paul Anderson

Taron egorton

David thewils 

Chazz Palminteri



Tom hardy performance as both reggie and Ronny vray is nothing short of extraordinary . His ability to  portray the distinct personalities of the twins is a testament to his acting prowess , Reggie is depicted as the more composed and calculating  sibling , while roning exudes a viotail and violence-prone dispostion.

The film's visuals are staylish , effectively emersing the audience in the atmosphere of 1960s London's underworld . The recreation of the era is both visually appearing the evocative.
The supporting cast also deleivrable commendable performance with Emily Browing shining in her role as reggie's  love interest, France Shea.


The film's pacing can be iconsistant , with certain scenes feeling overly extended , while others appears rushed . This eneven temp may disrupt the viewers engagment with the narartive .
While Legend succesfull captures by the Cray's criminal activities , it could have delved deeper into the pyschological aspects of the twins and the underlying reasons of their behaviour . A more profound of their exploration of their charcters would have added to the depth to the story;


Legend is a well-crafted and engazing gangster film that benefits gratly from tom hardy exceptional dual performance , It's a must watch for fans of the gangster genre and those who appreciate Hardy's talent however . It is not without is imperfections and its appeal from main from very from person to person . While the film excels in the many area , the uneven pacing and limited chaarcters depth may detract from the overall experiences in Summary " Legend".

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