"Locked In" John awake in a cold, Dimly lit room , disoriaented and bewildered , His arms and legs are securly bound , leaving him helpless . his voice faild him into attemped to scream out in panic . Fear gripped him as he realized he could not recall how he had ended up in this eerie place . The last fragments are memory was a blinding light and a defeaning noise . 

Genre - Thriller/ Crime

Release -  1  November 2023

Director - Alex Baranowaski

Producer - Nikki Bentham

Runtime - 1h 48mint




Famke Jansaan 

Finn cole 

Anna Friel 

Rose Williams

Alex Hassel 

Cain Aiden


A Mysterious Awaking 

Desperte to break free, john against his restraints , but they held fast . His mind was clouded , preventing him from from reconnecting the chain of events that had let him here. His racing thoughts was interrupted by the sound of approaching footsteps outside the room.

John heart ponded in his chest , and he struggled to catch him breath The creaking of the dour followed by the sudden ilumination of a light , pierced the darkness . Squinting against the glare , John found himself glazing at a man dressed in a soleman black suit , his expression devoid of emotions .
He aquired combat skills learned to harness his talent power , and gained the knowledge necessary to survive in the perilous world of the future . His eduction also encompaased the indisious nature of the dark force threatening the world  - an evil entity that had been amassing strength for centuries and was now on the verge of being unleased .

John understood that he was the world's last hope , and he was determined to stop the impending catastropy at any cost.

The Ultimate Showdown 

After month of intense training , John felt ready to confront the dark force . Accompanied by his allied , he ventured into the hurt of the dark force realme known as the shadow realme .
There they confonted the malevolant entity's leader , the shadow lord ensuling battle was a grueling and relentless struggle , but john emurged victorious , vanquishing the shadow lord and averting global annihilation.

The Return of ongoing Duty

Following the epic battle , John returned to his own time , he was forever changed by the experience , now caring the mentle of a hero . he understood that the dark force would remain the looming threat, but he was resolute in his commitment to safegaurding the world from its malevolant .
No matter the chalanges he would face , John was prepared to defend the world , ensuring that light was always tirumph over darkness .

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