"Manush" Arjun chakrabarti stands as the epitome of a unvawring and dedicated police officer commited to upholding justice in a city plaouged by the notorois druged lord , Chhota Mannan . The relentless pursit of mannan transform's arjun's life into a battleground between the forces of good and evil.

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 24 November 

Director - Sanjoy Samaddar

Distributed by - AA films

Runtime - 2h 4mint





Sushmita Chatarjee

Bidya Sinha Saha

Jeetu Kamal

Saurav chakrabarti


Tragedy strikes with a cruel hand when Arjun's young doughter , Ayyanna becomes and unitended victim of a escalating drug war . mannnan drive by a thirst vengenace , mercillesly targets Ayanna , forcing arjun into a heart wrenching dillema ,compromise his principals and succumb to the shadow to save his doughter or stand firm in his commitment to justice , risking the loss of everything dear to him.

Faced with him a impossible choice , Arjun takes on a new identity becoming victor a formidable drug baron who infiltrates Mannan criminal empire from within. As victor arjun navigates the perilous unerworld of narcotics , where trust is rare commodity and betrayal lurks at every turn . Balancing the need to gain Mannan confidence while concealing his true identity becomes a high-stakes game.

As the fate of his doughter and the entire city hangs in the balance , Arjun confronts his inner demons . The struggle to recclaim his honor becomes , paramount and he must make a defining choice that will shape not only his own destiny but also the lives of those entagled in the web of deceit and danger . Will Arjun succumb to the curupting influences of power , or will he find a way to emerge from the darkness with his integrity intact, victorious against the forces that threaten to consume him.

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