"Martin Luther King"   the film Sampoornesh Babu Set in 2023 , this thought provoking tale unfolds around and unnamed man who unexpedtecly finds himself in possesion of a voter ID , becoming the focal point in a political thug of war between two revals factions.

Genre - Comedy/Drama

Release - 27 October 2023

Director - Puja Kollaru

Runtime - 2h 26mint





Sampoornesh Babu

Vijaykrishna Naresh

Sharanya Pradeep 

Maha Venkatesh


The story commences with the protagonist a life leading a life of obscurity , devoid of name , family , or a permanent adobe . Aimlessly wandering the streets , he goes unnoticed and unackknowleged by socity until he chances upon a discarded voter ID card, unknowleged setting of a chain of events that will alter the course of his life.

News of the missing voter ID card spreds like wild fire , capturing the attention of both the rulling and opposition particles . Convinced that the man holding the card could sway the upcoming the attention , they agggresivelly vie for a alligince.

Thrust into the limelight , the man becomes the focus of political courtship , with both parties tempting him with promises of wealth , influences and a new identity . However uninterested in their offers , he invisions using his newpower to instigate social reform.
Speaking out against pervassive corruption and injustice , the man becomes a catalyst for change, his inpassioned speeches resonet , motivating others to stand up for their rights and advocates for a brighter future.

As the rulling and opposition parties percive the threats posed by the man's rising polularty , they resort to desperate measures to silent him . Undettred he courgeouly continues to voice his convictions , knowing the risks involved.
In a triuphant culmination , the man's unvaring efforts yeild positive transformations . His example inspires others to take a stand , proving that even a solitery individual can ignite meaningful change in the world . "Voice of change" serves as poignant remainder that one's person courage can reververate across socity , sparking a collective movement for justice and progress .

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