"O Sathiya"  is south Indian Romantic Drama film penned and helmed by Divya Bhavna the movie features Gawra and Chakraborty in the lead roles , while Prakash Raj Jayasudha , and prabhu provide solid support . The film was released on November 5, 2023.

Genre - Romance/Drama

Relase - 7 July 2023

Director - Divya Bhavana

Runtime - 2h 10mint




Mishti Chakraborty

Aryan Gowra

Kalpa Latha

Devi Prasad


Anna Parna


The Narrative revolves around Arjun Keerthi lifelong friends whose relationship depens into love as they mature, However their love faces significant trails , including societal disparties and familial expectations.

Critics opinion "O Sathiya" are varied . Some laud the film for its heartwarming love story. exceptinaol performance , and authentic portrayel by relationship . Yet , other critique it for its fromulaic plot and lack of relatinship .

Here's summary of key Review

A heartening love story with some unexpected twists, A brathod fresh air in realme love stories, Moments of briliencs ocationly dimmed by familiar plot developments .

I essence " O Sathiya " is a mixed offering , While it excels of crafts and deliver  a touching love story with compelling performance, It does not break new ground and follows and somewhat predictable trajectory.
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