"Pacific-Rim Uprising" is a visualy captivating film filled with exhirabeting action sequences. While it provide enjoyable cinamatic experiences , It falls short in comparison to its preedecessor in terms of storytelling and charcter development . the plot though entertaining , can be somewhat predictable , and charcter depth is lacking.

Release - 23 March 2018

Director - Steven S Denight

Budget - $150-176 Million

Distributed by - Universal Pictures

Runtime - 1h 51mint 

Genre - Action/Sci-fi





John Boyega

Cailee Spainy

Scott eastwood

Charlie Day

Tian Jing

Rinko Kicuchi


Notably the film sense of humar is bright slot . unexpedly funny , it's evident that the cast and crew had a blast making it . John boyega signs at jake pentacost, Steckar pentacost son's from the first film , Infusing the role with charm and energy . his chemistry with cailee spiny , portraying his co-pilot Amara namani is Comendable.

The visual effects are another high point of "Pacific Rim Uprising" The film is a visual spectakle , with tha jaegers and kaiju more impressive than ever . The action sequences are a true highlight , certain to please fans are original.

Overall "Pacific Rim Uprising " a enjoyable and visually stunning experience particulary for fans of the first film's It's crucial to approch it with the right expectations ,as the plot is somewhat foreseaable , and charcter development is'not robust as it could be . While it may not delve as deeply into the themes of it's predecessor , It remaing a fun and entertaining watch. 

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