Redville  commences with a unsetting tableau: A young woman , lifeless in an abandoned warehouse, marked with the ominous symbol of the red order . Alex Ramsey , a seasoned detective with the tumultuous history , is thrust into action.

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 28 november 2023

Runtime - 1h 28mint





Chris Elliott

Jake Manley

Highdee Kuan

Sabrina Haskett

Phil  Hendrie


As alex scrutinizes the crime scene , a crptic massages in blood reveals itself. "The red order has Begun " This prouncement send shockwaves through redville , already grappling with economic woes.

Alex soon discerns that this murder is not a isolated incident . More Bodies surface each branded with the same sinister mark . Despite the victim appering unrelated Alex suspects an underlying pattern.

His intuition is validated when an anonymous informant provide a crucial tip . The informant disclose the exixtence of the red order , a clandestine socity weaving its influence through redville for centuries . They claim the redorder is behind the killings , orchestrating for more malevolant scheme.

Initailly skeptical , Alex unearths evidence corroborating the informant revelation's The red order covert manipulation of Redville affairs comes to light , unvelling a plan to turn the city into the sacrificial ground for ancient rituals .

Teaming up the detective sarah Chen, Alex races against time to thwart the red Order before their nefarious plot unfolds, The stakes soar and the destiny of redville hangs precariouly in the balance.

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